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Successful social marketing is built upon a singular concept; providing value. As simple as this may seem, it's often the roadblock that prevents the success of any social action. Your execution may be completely on point but if you haven't clearly identified the needs of your target market and met one of those needs with your content, nothing else matters.

“Social Media” is a catch-all term that has been adopted for the current state of the internet, the means by which its users engage each other, and the presentation of content. What we’re really doing when we utilize social media for the strategic purpose of communicating information is marketing.


It’s not our job to inform our target market as to what provides them with value. That would be like telling someone what their favorite drink is. Instead, we must identify what our audience considers to be valuable and deliver that content.

Whether you're a musician working to reach potential fans or a business looking to attract new customers, Cadence Independent Media has you covered.

For something to be considered of value,

it must do at least one of the following

for the consumer:





The key here is that the consumer of the content should be able to immediately identify which of these classifications the content falls into if they were asked. You should also be able to do the same (in fact, you should know which classification the content will fall into before we’ve begun creating or curating it).


Additionally, it’s best to introduce variety into your social presence by diversifying the classification that your content falls into. It’s great to entertain people day in and day out but at some point empowering them or educating them is a good thing too and will help you stand out. This diversity will also help you maintain interest from your audience.


When you’re quite close to the content, it’s easy to believe that anything you’re doing will provide value but that’s not always the case. Through careful understanding of the behaviors, interests, and demographics of your target market, you can begin to take a step back and objectively review your content. This leads to the strategic use of your social channels with organized and thoughtful scheduling of content.

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