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We understand.

When you're focused on writing music, booking gigs, rehearsing, and tracking down that mic you loaned out three months ago, giving your social presence the attention it deserves doesn't always make the top of the priority list. Maybe you've had some success with your social channels but growth has slowed down and you're left wondering, "what next?"

We're here to help.


We work with you to develop a social strategy that engages and grows your audience, aligns with your artistic identity, and can be executed with minimal investment in time.


Your social content reflects on your brand and should align with your artistic identity. High quality music deserves to be well-represented visually. We offer photography, videography, and design services to supplement your content.


Your social presence is stronger when it's consistently branded and makes use of platform-specific best practices. We work with you to optimize your social accounts and educate you on ways to get the most out of your efforts.


Reaching new fans on social requires focused segmentation. We’re not working for likes, we’re developing true fans; people who will come to your shows (and bring a friend), buy your merch (and wear it too), and support your art. We develop campaigns designed to reach the right eyes (and ears).

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